Online Books & Resources for Theology

Well-Known Online Libraries for Theology

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Catholic Culture Library

New Advent

Eternal Word Television Network

Hall of Church History

Early Church Fathers
English translations of patristic works not included in the ANF and NPNF series, e.g. the entirety of the Philokalia and
Proof of the Apostolic Preaching.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
Collection of ancient Greek texts which can easily be searched

Grace Online Library
Contains a large number of works on Reformed theology including helpful essays by John Murray, Benjamin B. Warfield,
and A.A. Hodge.

Wittenberg Project
Classics of Lutheranism in English translation.   

Additional Libraries & Databases for Theology

Offers full-text online editions of the works of John Duns Scotus and many others in PDF format.  To obtain a list of all
theological works available, click on this link, then "Recherche," then "T" under "Sujet," then "Theologie."

Lists Scripture passages referenced by early Christian writers.

Online Bible
Offers a FREE download, "Online Bible Starter Kit," which contains an electronic KJV text & Easton's Bible Dictionary.  
The download link is orange and appears at the bottom of the page.  To this "Starter Kit" can be added numerous texts,
including the Geneva Bible notes of 1599, the Peshitta New Testament in Syriac, the Byzantine Majority Greek text updated
in 1991, and many others.  All the "add-ons" are listed at:
h  To use the
program, download the files to your computer.  When the program first runs, it will open two windows, a "toolbar"
window and a main window.  Close the "toolbar" window and enter the main window, which has probably been
automatically minimized.  In this main window, click on the red Bible icon for the Bible versions and on the yellow notebook
icon for the notes.  Please note: the "Starter Kit" must be installed in order to use the additional texts, such as the Peshitta
New Testament in Syriac.
A clearinghouse of internet resources for Biblical Studies

The Marrow of Modern Divinity by Edward Fisher
Provides classic and contemporary sources in support of Calvinism and in opposition to modern theological errors.

Making of America Books
Offers full-text online editions of works by Charles Hodge, Joseph Butler, and others.

Making of America Journals
Provides full-text online editions of Princeton Review from 1831 to 1882.

A Body of Doctrinal & Practical Divinity by John Gill
A free, online edition of this book.

Bibliotheca Augustana
A rich resource of foreign-language, primary texts; the Latin collection is especially impressive.

North American Patristics Society Resource Page
A goldmine of information on early Christianity.

John Bunyan Online Library
Contains many of Bunyan's works in toto as well as an annotated timeline of Bunyan's life & writings.

Online Library of the Liberty Fund
A heterogeneous collection of classic and contemporary books in English spanning from Calvin's Institutes to Algernon
Discourses Concerning Government.

A collection of books & articles relevant to Biblical studies including Marcus Jastrow's Dictionary of the Targumim, the
Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and
the Midrashic Literature.

Contains an impressive array of classical literature in Latin and Greek, including the Vulgata Clementina, the works of
Josephus, and the unabridged Liddell-Scott-Jones
Lexicon of Classical Greek.

Textkit: Greek & Latin Learning Tools
Includes numerous textbooks, reference works, and learning aids useful to students of ancient Greek & Latin.

Books by Gustave Siewerth
Several of Siewerth's books (in German and properly paginated)  as PDF documents.

Karl Rahner Akademie
Includes numerous lectures about Rahner's theology available free online.  Go to "Vortrage" and then "Titel - online."

Biblical Studies on the Web
Resources for Biblical studies including the online, partial edition of Biblica.

IntraText Digital Library
Includes numerous works in Latin and contemporary Western European languages.

Myriobiblios Online Library of the Church of Greece
A treasury of Orthodox literature, including original language works of the Eastern Fathers.

The Franciscan Archive
An extensive collection of primary texts by Bonaventure, Duns Scotus, and other Franciscans.

Newman Reader
The complete works of John Henry Newman, properly paginated.

The Tertullian Project
Latin and English texts of works by Tertullian.

Documenta Catholica Omnia
Migne's Patrologia Latina in an easily accessible format

Classic Works of Apologetics
Vast archive of facsimile copies of apologetic works written in English in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth

Miscellaneous Resources

Base d'Information Bibliographique en Patristique
Online database of articles about theology which uses French & English keywords.  Click on "Recherche" to enter the

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
Free abridged online version.

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